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Shingles No More & PHN No More


Non Profit medical group completes landmark survey which finds Forces of Nature treatments, by a wide margin, ranked #1 in terms of customer satisfaction and efficacy vs prescription and non prescription treatments.

Endorsed by Pharmacology Departments and Faculties of Medicines in Major Universities as well as Medical Doctors.

We use only Certified Organic medicinal plant extracts.  This not only provides the highest possible therapeutic results but helps maintain a sustainable chemical free environment.


Category: Anti viral Shingles Treatment - Topical Liquid Formula
Available in: 11ml bottles

About Shingles and Shingles No More
Post Herpetic Neuralgia and PHN No More
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Shingles No More is a proven effective anti viral treatment exhibiting a broad spectrum of action against the shingles virus, herpes zoster. This organic all natural treatment has the demonstrated ability to inactivate and safely destroy the shingles virus, as supported by published medical studies. Shingles No More is Doctor recommended and acts as a curative and preventative role in the treatment of shingles. Results guaranteed.

Published medical studies establish that the active compounds in Shingles No More “inactivate more than 99% of virus particles within 30 minutes” when exposed to the herpes zoster virus. The all natural anti viral extracts in Shingles No More act by destroying the herpes zoster virus without harming the host cell.

Herpes zoster is a sub cellular viral infection resulting from chicken pox. After recovery from chicken pox, the virus remains dormant in the system in the roots of nerve cells near the spinal cord. At any given time thereafter, the virus may reactivate, such occurrence is called shingles. Stress to the system or a weakening of immune parameters is thought to be the cause of any reactivation.

When a shingles outbreak occurs, viral particles flow out from the nerve cells, travel to the surface of the skin and form small blisters often around the torso, but an outbreak can occur anywhere on the body.

Those suffering from shingles experience painful eruptions of these blister like substances, which can be recurring without treatment. Many people experience continued pain in nerve endings even after a shingles outbreak has subsided. This condition is called post herpetic neuralgia, or PHN.

Forces of Nature is very proud to be the only company currently offering an effective all natural treatment for post herpetic neuralgia: PHN No More. Please see post herpetic neuralgia section below.

Shingles No More is comprised of 100% pure, wild grown, and organic, antiviral plant extracts exhibiting a broad spectrum of action to inactivate and render harmless the herpes zoster virus causing shingles.

Shingles No More provides quick, effective, and safe elimination of shingles outbreaks time after time. Pain relief and quick elimination of symptoms are almost always reported from using this treatment. Lysine supplements with topical application of Shingles No More is also recommended when treating shingles, as noted in the lysine section below.

The all natural extracts and essential oils in Shingles No More are of the purest quality. Our extracts and plant material are of wild origin and are grown in fields away from pollution sources like factories and roads. These extracts are grown under medicinal and biological agriculture standards; this excludes all synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides.

The anti viral plant extracts in Shingles No More are pure and complete no dilution or adulteration, purchased by the founder of the company direct from organic farmers in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Shingles No More is approved for over the counter sales, sold in retail outlets and pharmacies across North America and available to the European community from this website.

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The Power of Shingles No More Extra Strength

Shingles No More Extra Strength is the most powerful and effective shingles treatment available on the market. This treatment exhibits the highest level of anti viral activity against the herpes zoster virus as supported by published clinical trials. When it comes to treating shingles, Shingles No More Extra Strength has no competition. When this treatment is applied at the very first sign of an outbreak, more often than not the lesions do not appear and the outbreak is aborted. Results Guaranteed.

Shingles are treated easily and effectively with Shingles No More Extra Strength. Application of this treatment helps to stimulate phagocytosis - the stimulation of white blood cell activity responsible for scavenging virus-infected cells.

Topical application of Shingles No More Extra Strength works immediately upon application and there are usually no incidences of recurrence of shingles when this treatment is used. Therefore, no suppressive or daily therapy is needed.

The Department of Microbiology at the University of Maryland tested the extracts of Shingles No More Extra Strength for their virucidal effects against herpes simplex. The test concluded that the extracts “inactivated all of the viruses tested” and were “directly virucidal to enveloped viruses” such as the herpes zoster virus.

The herpes virus causing shingles is an infectious sub cellular particle. It mainly consists of DNA or RNA: genetic material surrounded by a protein or lipoprotein hull or "coat". This hull protects the virus and facilitates its replication.

Medical tests of Shingles No More Extra Strength establish quantitatively that this treatment is able to destroy the hull of the virus without causing damage to the host cell. The destruction of the viral envelope results in the loss of the virus' ability to replicate, and in essence destroys the life of the virus. This is a result of liphohilic tendency of oils in Shingles No More Extra Strength, they have the demonstrated ability to absorb into cell membranes and dissolve the liquid capsule of the viral envelope, thus disabling the virus.

These in-vitro tests proved the destruction of the herpes virus and provide a clear indication of the anti-viral activity against the shingles virus of Shingles No More Extra Strength.

These extracts are prescribed as an anti-viral shingles treatment. The added extracts in Shingles No More Extra Strength are composed of terpene oxides and terpene hydrocarbons which have been chosen for their anti-viral properties, namely for their proven effectiveness against the herpes virus responsible for shingles.

Cupressus sempervirens from the Mediterranean island of Cypress has also been concentrated in Shingles No More Extra Strength. This extract is especially useful when excessive discharge of fluid develops on the skin, or to treat the presence of rash like formations, commonly experienced during a shingles outbreak.

When applied topically, the organic extracts in Shingles No More Extra Strength are devoid of toxicity and have a risk factor of near zero. There may be a warming sensation when applied as the product penetrates into the skin. Shingles No More Extra Strength is the only formula treating shingles with these extracts and only offered by Forces of Nature.

It is critical to use an organic product when treating shingles as one is nourishing the skin by applying a topical treatment. Topical application of essential oils and extracts are lipophilic and absorb into your blood stream. Non organic products advertised to be “100% pure and natural” almost certainly have been sprayed with pesticides and toxins during cultivation, regardless of any claims to the contrary. Residual toxic chemicals remain on the plant and absorb into your blood stream from application to an outbreak or flare up.

Medical doctors using plant extracts and essential oils medicinally to treat viral infections often insist on organic formulations and have come to rely on Forces of Nature’s anti viral treatments.

Lack of adherence to using organic essential oils or extracts leaves the door open to therapeutic failures and possible health complications. Our products are organic; this is why the work so well, are doctor recommended, carried in pharmacies, and the best treatments available.

Forces of Nature is the exclusive manufacturer of Shingles No More and Shingles No More Extra Strength.

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Approximately 20% of those who have experienced an outbreak of shingles develop pain in the nerve endings one or more months after the episode has healed. This condition is called post herpetic neuralgia, or PHN. The pain often returns sporadically at unknown intervals.

The pain of PHN results from peripheral nerve injury, typically occurring at the site of the initial episode. The affected area is extremely sensitive to any stimuli; even the pressure of clothing can produce unbearable pain. Spontaneous remission of PHN occurs for many patients within a few months. In some cases, the pain can last for several years.

PHN has been difficult to treat. Antivirals and other drugs such as corticosteroids and local and regional anesthesia have been tried without much success, although some drugs may reduce the duration of pain. Treatment is therefore based on managing the neuralgia once it develops.

The pharmacological effectiveness of the organic extracts in PHN No More to ease pain in the nerve endings is well documented. When applied to areas of PHN, these active compounds are known to stimulate and then block small-diameter pain fibers by depleting them of neurotransmitter substance P. Substance P is thought to be the principal chemo mediator of pain impulses from the periphery. In addition, substance P has been shown to activate inflammatory mediators into joint tissues in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

PHN No More is a highly effective anti-inflammatory analgesic, comprised of pure and organic natural extracts and essential oils of the absolute highest caliber. Acute conditions from PHN are often eased immediately with this treatment. PHN No More produces a soothing, calming
effect. The pain-reducing and analgesic effect of this treatment are highly unique: they produce an antispasmodic effect calming pain in the nerve endings and are extremely valuable for treating pain in the nerve endings resulting from PHN. Results Guaranteed.

The anesthetic and sedative properties naturally occurring in the extracts in PHN No More provide great relief for those suffering from PHN. The many active ingredients, including Moroccan Chamomile, Anthemis Nobilis, Lavender and other analgesic extracts are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties, lavender helps to ease stress and inhibit the parasympathetic nervous system. Therefore, it has been shown that PHN No More helps the system in response to unproductive stress of any kind. This helps provide a balancing effect on the body and central nervous system which is highly beneficial for those suffering from PHN.

The organically grown azulunes in PHN No More have the demonstrated capacity to calm the nervous system both peripherally, from external pain in the nerve endings, and centrally, from the anxiety or nervous tension associated with PHN.

Organic helichrysum angistofolia is also concentrated in PHN No More, which Forces of Nature purchases wild grown directly from the island of Corsica. This extremely anti-inflammatory extract possess antihematoma properties. This extract is especially helpful to regenerate and ease damaged nerves from PHN. “Real” helichrysum is very exotic and rarely found in undiluted form commercially or in other treatments do its scarcity and cost. Forces of Nature purchases this extract directly from the farmer and is able to concentrate this extract in its pure form in PHN No More.

The active compounds in PHN No More are safe to use externally and included in the pharmacopia for treating conditions and diseases in 26 countries.

When applied directly to areas of pain from PHN, PHN No More often produces a profound and deep effect to help alleviate pain in the nerve endings. This is a direct result of meticulous blending of the anesthetic properties of the active components of the treatment, which provide a wide spectrum of action to quickly relieve pain in the nerve endings from those suffering from PHN. Results Guaranteed.

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The 100% pure and therapeutic grade organic essential oils of Shingles No More have the proven ability to penetrate into cell membranes to provide a wide spectrum of action against the shingles virus.

The organic oils in Shingles No More are lipophilic, meaning soluble in fatty tissue and cell membranes. This action also allows the oils to absorb directly into the cell membranes through topical application. This fact, combined with the low molecular weight of the oils, allows the antiviral properties of the product to absorb and penetrate into cell membranes and destroy the shingles virus which infects the DNA of the cell.

This unique anti viral action stops the virus from replicating while greatly relieving pain in the nerve endings. Nothing penetrates into the cell membranes to inactivate the herpes virus at the speed and efficiency of the pure essential oils found in Shingles No More and Shingles No More Extra Strength. Use of this product has permanently eliminated recurring outbreaks. See testimonials below.

Based on medical research, it is believed the success in using Shingles No More results from the product stimulating CD4 T-cells. CD4 T-cells are responsible for scavenging virus-infected cells. Shingles No More accomplishes what antiviral treatments attempts to achieve (stimulus to the antibody recognition of the herpes zoster infection) without any of the contraindications or side effects commonly associated with medications.

In addition to the specific antiviral properties of the certified organic oils in Shingles No More, topical application of the product also functions as an immunostimulant, heightening immune system defense mechanisms. Again, the lipophilic tendencies of the organic oils allow them to absorb and penetrate into the blood stream.

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The plant extracts in Shingles No More neutralize and destroy the herpes virus causing shingles, as proven in medical studies. These Medical studies demonstrate the certified organic Shingles No More prevent the process of herpes simplex virus attachments and penetration into uninfected cells. The main action of the active ingredients in the Shingles No More directly acts against the herpes zoster virus, the virus causing shingles, which often results in complete elimination of shingles outbreaks without incidence of recurrence.

Dosages below apply to cases of severe acute infections from shingles in an adult of average size. Consequently, they must be adjusted depending on symptoms and age. For milder symptoms, cut dosage in half.

The key to success in treating shingles infections lies in the rapidity of intervention and using certified organic formulations. For best results apply at the very first signs of a pending shingles outbreak, typically in the form of a tingling sensation often signaling the onset of an outbreak.

At the first signs of a shingles outbreak, intensive care with Shingles No More and Shingles No More Extra Strength should be started immediately to combat the herpes virus and inhibit herpes viral replication.

Shingles No More provides a preventative and curative role for shingles outbreaks. Users of these products know first hand its effectiveness in aborting and controlling shingles outbreaks.

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Zinc: 50 mg per day.
Vitamin C: 1,000 - 3,000 mg per day.
Lysine: 1,000-2,000 mg per day.


Extra Strength Super Lysine for Herpes Zoster from Forces of Nature. Our chemists have specially formulated our Extra Strength Super L-Lysine to exclusively combat the herpes virus. Our Extra Strength Super Lysine is formulated to be time-released to effectively treat and suppress the herpes virus. Taking our supplemental Extra Strength Super L-lysine together with topical application of Shingles No More is proven to effectively fight and prevent shingles outbreaks.

We find that by taking L-Lysine, in conjunction with applying Shingles No More topically, represents the safest and most effective treatment available to control the herpes virus and end outbreaks.

Each bottle of our Extra Strength Super L-Lysine contains 100 tablets of 500 mg of time released Extra Strength Super L-Lysine specially formulated under strict pharmaceutical standards and is made pharmaceutical strength. Extra Strength Super Lysine for Herpes does not contain sugar, yeast, starch, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg and milk.

Use Shingles No More and Extra Strength Super Lysine together for maximum effectiveness.

Shingles (herpes zoster):
- Take 1,000 mg Super L-Lysine 2-3 times a day during an outbreak.
- Topical application of Shingles No More during a shingles outbreak.
- Take 1,000 - 2,000 mg a day to help reduce frequency and severity of shingles outbreaks.

About Lysine and its impacts on herpes
Several years ago, the effect of L-Lysine against the herpes virus was noted in the test tube. Medical journals report that changing the nutritional environment of herpes alters its capability to make essential proteins. This amino acid balance can be critical especially between two amino acids, lysine and arginine when treating the herpes virus. These two amino acids work in somewhat opposite ways, in that lysine, in excessive amounts damages the herpes virus, while arginine in insufficient amounts has a similar effect against the herpes virus.

The lysine/arginine ratio is the important factor: a high ratio has a damaging effect on the herpes simplex virus in culture. Oral treatments have been shown to be effective to suppress the herpes virus, but do not demonstrate the ability to inactivate the herpes virus on the skin. It can therefore be concluded that L-Lysine, when used with Shingles No More, which is proven to inactivate the herpes virus when applied topically, represent the most powerful regiment for controlling the herpes virus.

L-Lysine is a naturally occurring substance called an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. Proteins in our body are used to make the molecular array that runs our metabolic processes. Our bodies have tremendous control over amino acids because we are so dependant on them. We are constantly making and destroying amino acids and connecting them one to the other in order to maintain the exquisite balance of our system.

Dr. R. Griffith published an article describing a multi-center trial of L-lysine for herpes infections. Doses of 300 mg to 1,000 mg per day were administered. A long term beneficial effect was observed for treating herpes. However, this study had no control group.

Many people suffering from herpes zoster swear by L-lysine and Shingles No More to treat shingles, as demonstrated in a recent landmark medical survey by the non profit medical group at In this study, over 1,000 people with herpes were polled. When asked what product they prefer and found to be the most effective to treat and eliminate herpes outbreaks, the Forces of Nature treatments were voted as the products of choice, outscoring all other topical herpes treatments combined by over 600%, including pharmaceutical drugs (acyclovir)!

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German physician, Dr. Rolf Deininger concluded from his clinical trials on the effect of plant extracts on the herpes virus that the anti viral extracts in Shingles No More have "quantitative antiviral activity with a relatively broad spectrum of action against herpes and adenoviruses which were both curative and preventive when treating the herpes virus."

Clinical trials conducted by Dr. Paul Belaiche demonstrate that when the anti-viral oils in Shingles No More were used the incidence of viral irritations and infections were sharply reduced.

Given the highly anti-viral nature of the oils in Shingles No More, logic would dictate that using this product during an outbreak would also decrease and help prevent the transfer of the virus.

Antiviral activity of glycyrrhizin against varicella-zoster virus in vitro.

Baba M, Shigeta S.

One of the plant extracts, glycyrrhizin (GL) was investigated for its antiviral action on varicella-zoster virus (VZV) in vitro. When human embryonic fibroblast (HEF) cells were treated with GL after inoculation of virus (post-treatment), the average 50%-inhibitory dose (ID50) for five VZV strains was 0.71 mM, and the selectivity index (ratio of ID50 for host-cell DNA synthesis to ID50 for VZV replication) was 30. GL was also effective against VZV replication when HEF cells were treated 24 h before the inoculation (pretreatment). Furthermore, at a concentration of 2.4 mM GL inactivated more than 99% of virus particles within 30 min at 37 degrees C. In combination with other anti-herpes drugs (acyclovir, adenine arabinoside, bromovinyldeoxyuridine, and phosphonoformate) or human native beta-interferon, GL had an additive or slightly synergistic effect on VZV replication. The mechanism of anti-VZV action is still unclear. We postulate that GL inhibits the penetration, uncoating or release of virus particles.

These active constituents found to inactivate the shingles virus can be found in Shingles No More.

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Recent Medical Trial Regarding PHN No More Extracts
Altern Med Rev. 1999 Dec

Integrative approach to the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia: a case series.

Hui F, Cheng A, Chiu M, Vayda E.

Integrative approach to the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia: a case series.
Objective: To determine if the addition of alternative therapy to conventional medicine enhances the treatment of pain in postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). Methodology: A review of literature from 1988-1998 was conducted searching for information on the current treatment of PHN. The literature review found that although many medications have been used to reduce the pain of PHN, no treatments have been completely successful in decreasing pain. Data on pain reduction in PHN following treatment with a multifaceted alternative therapy with herbal remedies combined with conventional treatment were compiled from a group of patients in the principal investigator's family medicine practice. Results: The alternative therapy employed in this study, combined with selected medications, showed an average pain reduction of 72.1 percent. There was a 77-percent average pain reduction in patients with herpes zoster (HZ) onset of more than one year and a 68-percent reduction in patients with HZ onset between one month and one year. Almost two-thirds of the 56 PHN patients reported pain reductions of between 75 and 100 percent. Conclusion: These preliminary data suggest the combination of alternative therapy and selected conventional medications provides good pain relief for most patient presenting with PHN.

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When treating shingles, apply Shingles No More directly to the infection or to all areas you experience a tingling sensation signaling the outset of an outbreak. Apply 4-8 times per day contingent upon skin tolerance. If product is applied during the tingling phase of a shingles outbreak, more often than not, the outbreak is aborted and does not appear. One 10 ml bottle contains approximately 300 drops and enough to treat several outbreaks.

Information about shingles and instructions for use are included with all orders.

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Use on the skin directly to infected area. In rare situations, this formula can cause slight irritation or warming. Product is highly anti viral, excellent results are almost always achieved by applying just 1-3 drops directly to infected area. In rare situations, this formula can cause slight irritation as cutaneous application must be applied directly to the shingles outbreak. Discontinue use if severe irritation occurs, which is rare.


For topical use. The organic extracts in the Shingles No More are almost devoid of toxicity and has a risk factor of near zero when applied topically. Reduction and elimination of shingles outbreaks.

Shingles No More can be a mild Dermocaustic (skin irritant) if over applied. Any discomfort usually subsides after several minutes.

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Shingles No More is specifically formulated and proven to help eliminate shingles infections. The greatest strength of this certified organic formula is its extremely powerful anti-viral properties, which are proven to render harmless and inactivate the herpes virus in published laboratory tests.

This product has demonstrated to stop and control shingles infections. A comparison of these extracts and antiviral drugs is in order: the latter are composed of a single molecule designed to fight a virus, while each of our extracts may contain up to 450 different molecules proven to stop herpes viral replication, thus making resistance impossible.

Another important characteristic of this organic formula is its wide therapeutic scope. The same extract which is proven to have such a powerful antiviral activity against herpes is also proven to be antibacterial. This is highly significant as Shingles No More is able to ward of any potential bacterial infection from the open sores.

The purer the extract, the stronger is its therapeutic properties. Certified organic extracts have, by far, the strongest therapeutic value and highest track record of safety when treating shingles and herpes. This is why it is crucial to choose extracts which are of therapeutic quality, proven effective in medical studies and certified organic, especially when treating open sores caused by shingles.

Forces of Nature uses therapeutic grade pure certified organic essential oils in our treatments. This not only enables us to have treatments of the highest therapeutic caliber, but also supports and advances the practice of responsible natural growing techniques. We support and purchase from farmers who practice responsible agriculture who do not pollute the environment with chemicals or pesticides.

Health experts now assert that "100% pure and all natural" without organic certification has lost its meaning in the medicinal industry as this indicates crops have been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides despite any assurances which may be promoted.

One is subjected to significant and quantifiable health issues and a lack of desired therapeutic effects when using medicinal treatments not using certified organic material.

Shingles No More is formulated by our research biochemists specializing in plant medicine which conforms to World Health Organization standards of purity, safety, and pharmacological effectiveness.

Organic and the Purest Quality: an absolute necessity for treating shingles.

When choosing a shingles treatment:

  • A detailed description of the biochemical compounds must be available (gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry), which we complete and is how we monitor the quality of our certified organic extracts for treating shingles.

Forces of Nature analyzes each essential oil in Shingles No More for its qualitative and quantitative capacity to act against the shingles virus. The organic oils exhibiting the highest virucidal effect against shingles are carefully blended by hand to create this proven effective shingles treatment.

Our chemical analysis of our organic oils is highly specialized and unique, allowing us to develop extremely advanced formulas, which double; triple, even increase tenfold the strength and effectiveness of our shingles treatment compared to other shingles treatments.

To understand the efficacy of each essential oil against the shingles virus without it being toxic to the host cell, Forces of Nature carefully compares scientific analyses of organic essential oil chemical components to their demonstrated anti viral activity. Those organic extracts exhibiting the highest virucidal effect against shingles and are proven safe to use are blended to create Shingles No More and Shingles No More Extra Strength.

The only way to guarantee pure unadulterated organic oils for medicinal purposes is to purchase direct from the organic farmers as we do at Forces of Nature. Our pure certified organic essential oils are encouraged by medical doctors for therapeutic use to treat herpes infections.

Ignorance of the distinction between various chemo types and the lack of precision that commonly surrounds the identification of some essential oils and other chemical extracts leaves the door open to therapeutic failure and unnecessary accidents linked with toxicity when developing shingles treatments.

It is no wonder why most shingles treatments offered for sale from some random website are understandably absent from being carried over the counter and not approved for retail sales.

Forces of Nature continues to be at the forefront of the natural health sector and uses certified organic extracts for all our formulations. The research scientists for Forces of Nature are specialists in plant medicine and have developed highly effective and safe natural formulations to treat shingles. Shingles No More is available to health professionals, specialized businesses, and directly to the public.

Many people find Shingles No More and PHN No More to be mysteriously effective. However, all Forces of Nature's products are simply the result of years of research, meticulous formulation of naturally occurring therapeutic plant materials, and scrupulous harvesting and production procedures.

All our extracts and ingredients are of the purest quality. Our fields are pristine - protected and far from pollution sources such as factories or roads. Our extracts and oils are from biological agriculture; this excludes the use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides.

This web site was also made with public education in mind. As essential oils and natural remedies become more popular there are more and more companies trying to capitalize on the market boom often providing brief (and usually inaccurate) information pertaining to how their products may be used yet do not have the training to responsibly promote such products.

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Rating: Excellent

The Shingles-no-more oil is fabulous. It really works. If you have seen someone in agony with the neuralgia of shingles, you will appreciate the power of the quality oil. A non-organic competitor oil did not work as well.

Dawn Gordon

Customer Service Rating: Excellent

I purchased Shingles No More for my father, who had contracted shingles on his face and neck. The product was purchased after he had already begun a drug regimen prescribed by his doctor. Even though he began using the product late in the disease cycle, he believes he has received benefit from the Forces of Nature product, and continues to use it as I write this. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to relieve the symptoms of shingles.


We had never heard of shingles before this breakout which was horrible for my husband he is 48 years old works outside running heavy equipment and he was suffering thinking this was a heat rash as our temperature has been in the 90's to 100's. After 10 tens he asked me to look at his chest and see what I thought I look and was shocked to see blisters and oozing and redness and raw where you could not moved a hair on his chest and he had it in a very large area, well I told him about SHINGLES NO MORE as I looked shingles and found your site, he would not let me order anything so I went to the pharmacy and he told me what the Drs. would give him would be as bad as the shingles themselves so I called every pharmacy and health store in Alabama to ask about this product no one had it. About two days later he came home and said
please order that shingles stuff I cannot take it anymore, the pharmacist had told me to give him pain killers, so I ordered it and 3 days after he started using it, they were gone, and his covered almost his entire upper chest. I am so glad and so is he, I asked our pharmacy CVS to please start carrying it. But if not I will never be without it again, he suffered for almost 2 1/2 weeks before he would let me order it and now he is very, very happy and so I am, thanks for this wonderful, wonderful product, it has been a godsend to us!

Deb Poole
Wellington, Alabama

I am a 49 year old male who was suffering from recurring shingles outbreaks. These outbreaks occurred on my back and were incredibly painful and bothersome.

I had used other ointments and medication to treat my condition, but they were unfortunately not effective. Your shingles product intrigued me so I thought I would give it try.

My last outbreak was horrible. The shingles started to appear all over the upper part of my back and it was extremely painful. I immediately applied your product as directed. Well I was really amazed when soon after application the pain began to ease and the sores stopped growing! It was great. My normal 2 week healing time was reduced to just a day or two. Thank you so much. To my delight the normal recurrence of outbreaks I had experienced has now stopped. Just thought I would let you know how very happy and impressed I am with your product.

Roger Hays San Rafael California

Hello. I recently ordered your product Shingles No More. I was absolutely desperate for help. Nothing was helping me when using conventional medications. The pain level attained from the shingles on my legs was the most horrific pain I have ever endured … including when I had to lose a kidney.

At first, my husband skeptically told me that Shingles No More was probably some sort of "snake oil" .. as seen in movies of the old west. But, desperation took its hand, and I had to try it. I am impressed beyond words at the results I have had. Within the first 24 hours, the shingles have begun to dry up and the pain level has subsided substantially. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday and I fully intend to take my bottle of oil to his office to show him what a wonderful product you have.

Most likely I will order more, as this is the 4th time in as many years that I have had an outbreak of shingles. Each time it is on both of my lower legs, and each time it has become progressively worse. Keep up the good work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the relief I so desperately sought.

Mrs. Karen Sai

After several days of using the product, I see quite a bit of improvement! I have overly sensitive skin and so far, I am having NO adverse reactions to the FON product! Theres no itching, no burning. Not even a little rash! Betty Hays, Manchester UK

My wife was diagnosed with shingles and was given some medication from our primary care giver.

Out of curiosity, I made a GOOGLE search on shingles that night and came across Forces of Nature and their Shingles No More. The web site was very informative, and I ordered one bottle for overnight delivery. They immediately sent a confirmation of the order and a FedEx tracking number and the product was delivered on time. My wife felt that the product helped her, and we have since ordered two more bottles. A very positive shopping experience. Customer Service Rating: Excellent

I purchased Shingles No More for my father, who had contracted shingles on his face and neck. The product was purchased after he had already begun a drug regimen prescribed by his doctor. Even though he began using the product late in the disease cycle, he believes he has received benefit from the Forces of Nature product, and continues to use it as I write this. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to relieve the symptoms of shingles. Jim Baxter London

As usual I received great service with Forces of Nature. I had to deal with customer service on this particular order and they were very prompt in answering my email as well as very accomodating. It is a pleasure to deal with this company, not to mention their products are the best thing going.

Theresa Hillman

Theses oils really are FANTASTIC! Ive used three different types, all with outstanding results- far above those provided by conventional treatments. I really cant recommend them highly enough. Although prices may not seem cheap for fairly small bottles of oil, only a few drops are needed, and given their results, they represent great value. Delivery has always been quick, and order contents correct. And having ordered once, Ive then received emails with discount offers for future orders- sure, its a sales gimmick, but if it gets me money off, Im not complaining. It sounds REALLY cheesy, but Thanks, Forces of Nature!

I just wanted to thank you for your Shingles No More treatment. I am 42 year old woman who has suffered with shingles for years. I decided to consult a new doctor as I was at wits end. The residual pain after lesions cleared was a particular problem. After initial consultation, I was surprised to have been given your treatment, and I must say a bit unsure. However, on my last occurrence of shingles I immediately applied your treatment and noticed a warming and healing sensation immediately after the first application. I repeated applying the oils every 2 hours as was prescribed. Within 24 hours I noticed a significant improvement in my condition with the lesions dramatically decreasing in size. My pain was reduced from 9 to a 3 on a scale of 1-10 in a matter of 4 hours! The lesions healed in a little over a day, my usual time frame for the lesions to heal had been over 10 days. Now my previous periodic occurrences of shingles have stopped, which I can only attribute to using your treatment as I have done nothing different. I now use the PHN product to treat residual pain I used to experience in the area of previous outbreaks. I can’t thank you enough for your treatments.

Order Shingles No More and PHN No More now >> ORDER NOW


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